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Individuals are charged Tax Planning in respect of gains made from selling, transferring or otherwise disposing of assets.
There are many common assets that can be subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) when they are disposed of, such as stocks, bonds, and precious metals.
The legislation for CGT is a very complex area. There are many reliefs and exemptions which may lead to significant tax savings. It is therefore recommended that you seek the advice of your local Hannah Duke Accountants who will be able to prepare your CGT computations, claim any reliefs that you may be entitled to and calculate any liability that may be due.
If you are considering selling a personal asset or all or part of your business, we can advise you of the tax planning opportunities available to you before you make your disposal, in order to mitigate or reduce potential tax liabilities.
At Hannah Duke Accountants, we firmly believe in exploring multiple avenues for tax efficiency. Our approach involves a thorough examination of your unique financial situation. Whether you are engaged in acquisitions, divestitures, or business expansion, we are well-equipped to provide expert guidance on optimal strategies for tax reduction.

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Dedicated tax Hannah Duke Accountants

Our dedicated small business CPA advisors offer strategic advice to your small business, helping reduce tax liability while maintaining compliance. Our tax accountant advisors also provide additional financial planning services, including entity structuring, loan agreements, bookkeeping, deadlines, and more, depending on the business type.
Our business advisors and tax professionals may contact you periodically to reassess your current tax planning strategies and adjust as needed. You’re also entitled to unlimited tax consultations between your CPA advisor and members of your team.

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